Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Little Kids Who Make Us Smile.

Little kids love food (at least most of them). From Mcdonald's happy meal to Swenson's icecream sundae any kids will keep begging their parents to go, "Mommy, Daddy, I want I want!!!" Sometimes, they beg till we parents just have to give in to them.

However, despite their persistency, they also have a great sense of taste for food. When they finished eating their meal they know exactly what is their favourite dish. Not like us adults who just say "Er....everything is not bad...hmm...quite good." That is what I feel blessed when I see kids enjoying our food in Heath Bistro. They know exactly what is good in our restaurant. As a result, they tell their parents to try the dish they ate and bring more friends along.

Today, one of our owner recognized this little boy who came to our restaurant for the second time. His parents came and brought him to eat here again because he loves our Arrabiatta Pasta and the gelatos. There was also another girl who came with her mom from her house just to eat our Fish & Chips again. The youngest one of all who came today was a 19 months boy who will always smile widely after he ate a spoon of our Hazelnut Gelato.

In the end of the day even though many parents have to spend their precious money to satisfy their children's taste buds, they know it was worth it. As they "shloop" the pasta and lick the ice cream bowl, we parents just can't help but smile. Our staffs also effortlessly smile when we see little kids happily eating our food. They are the precious little ones that make our day. :)

The handsome boy who came back for our pasta.

Having a lot of fun eating our pasta.

The 19 month boy who smiled widely each time he eats a spoon of our Hazelnut Gelato.

Just to let you know, our "H" in our Heath Bistro's logo is a smiley.